Light, Spin, Eat Latkes, Repeat: Hanukkah Planner Journal: Holiday

Want an organized, simplified Hanukkah? This Hanukkah planner Notebook has been designed to make Hanukkah planning a breeze. This book will help organize your Hanukkah and reduce the stress that can creep into what should be the most enjoyable and magical time of the Jewish year. Perfect for gift-giving under 10$
Inside you will find everything you need to plan your perfect Hanukkah:
•Hanukkah To Do List
•Hanukkah Shopping List
•Hanukkah Card List
•8 Days Calendar- For planning the magical days
•Blank Lined Papers- To write your thoughts, notes, grocery lists, menus, a new story or Hanukkah Memories
Other features of this notebook include
•110 pages
•6×9 inches
•Excellent and thick binding
•Durable white paper
•Sleek, matte-finished cover for a professional look